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Audinate offering “Getting Back to Music Education…” free seminar at NAMM 2021

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PORTLAND, Ore. – Audinate is offering a free seminar during NAMM 2021 on the topic of “Getting Back to Music Education and Professional Live Performances.” The seminar explores how Dante is enabling many different types of live performances while maintaining social distancing and room occupancy safeguards for all.

Also available is a new overview of the revolutionary Dante AV video-over-IP solution from Audinate, and Level 1 and 2 of the popular Dante Certification Course. That means no matter where you are in the world, and no matter your familiarity with Dante, you can gain valuable training and practical insights on using Dante in real-world, AV-over-IP integrations.

The seminar and training sessions go live on Jan. 18, however, video will be available on demand through February. Registration for the events is available now at www.audinate.com/NAMM21


Getting Back to Music Education Now


If you’ve tried to use Zoom Meetings for a band or choir event, you know the delay (latency) of the system is too high for musical collaboration. You can perform for each other, but you cannot perform together. However, low-latency Dante networks have been a staple of live production for a decade and solve the problem.


Join us for a discussion on inspiring stories of music educators at the high school and university level using Dante to link performers from different venues. These are stories that you can replicate in your own program, today. Advice on spatial planning, connecting multiple spaces to accommodate full ensembles that no longer fit in a single room, and even ways to capitalize on your campus network will be discussed. 


Finally, we’ll show how the Dante network you build will continue to serve in a post-pandemic world and become a tool that creates new educational opportunities.


Introducing Dante AV – Video for the Dante Solution

Dante is the audio networking solution driving the audio world, and now Dante AV brings video to the platform. Join us for a training session on the benefits of integrating Dante audio and video together, and see a demonstration on this amazing new solution!


Dante Training Levels


Dante Certification Level 1: Dante is the world’s leading AV network solution and the de facto standard in professional sound today. This class provides a foundation in audio, video and networking concepts – and may be all that is required to assemble and operate a small Dante system on a single, dedicated switch. After this session, attendees should be skilled enough to complete the Dante Level 1 Certification Test.


Dante Certification Level 2: This class continues from the foundational concepts from Dante Certification Level 1, 2021 Edition. Attendees will learn the skills to build and operate medium-to-large Dante networks across multiple switches, with redundant networks and share bandwidth with other services. After this session, attendees should be skilled enough to complete the Dante Level 2 Certification Test.


For more information on Audinate, visit www.audinate.com


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