Tuesday, February 27, 2024

About Us

Tim Albright created AVNation for the purpose of bringing high-quality broadcasts (or netcasts) to the AV community. Tim has envisioned building a network of industry professionals who are passionately engaged in furthering the AV industry through education and knowledge. One of the premiere functions of AVNation is to see industry professional provide first-hand knowledge to other professionals across North America and the World. Many of the hosts and people involved with AVNation are industry leaders in various ways.

The first AVNation podcast was the initial episode of AVWeek – “The Pilot,” recorded July 29th, 2011. Ever since that first recording, AVNation has continued to grow its show offerings encompassing all aspects of the AV industry through weekly AVWeek episodes, as well as many additional periodic shows. We continue to have a wide variety of guests including industry professionals who work in or own integration firms, corporate industry leaders.



Tim Albright – AVNation Founder & CEO – King of AVNation

Tim Albright is our captain and honorary Dad of AVNation Media. He is and has been for 10+ years, the driving force behind the AVNation network. He carries the InfoComm CTS, a B.S. from Greenville College and is pursuing an M.S. in Mass Communications from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. When not being the go-to man for AVNation Media, CMO of CTI and dad of 2 wonderful kids (and all of us), Tim spends his time trying out different gins, cigars and charcuterie boards around the world. 


Mitchell Toolen – Chief Producer

Our quiet lion, Mitchell is invaluable when it comes to the content of AVNation Media. Toolen studied  Mass Communications at Lewis and Clark Community College and is responsible for producing, editing and scheduling our MANY podcasts. He is also our on-site editing wizard at major events such as ISE, InfoComm, CEDIA and more. When Mitchell isn’t producing over 400 hours of AVNation footage weekly he is working hard on his graphic blog, Shade of Sol (https://maelstromtear.wordpress.com/) or hanging out with his two cute kitties. 


Please contact Mitchell to get more information on how to be a guest on any of the AVNation Media podcasts at Mitchell.toolen@cti.com

Bill O’ Donnell – Host of EDTech

Official AVNation trade show booth dude and videographer. His first job in the professional audio industry was as a microphone stand on a kick drum.

Steve Greenblatt – Host of A State of Control

Steve Greenblatt is founder and president of Control Concepts, Inc., a leading independent provider of audiovisual control system solutions since 1997. Steve has worked with audiovisual control systems and custom development for a variety of applications and environments including boardrooms, lecture halls and classrooms, and audio and video conferencing systems.


Coastal Source® Launches 2024 With 15-Year Anniversary Event and New Product...

Coastal Source will showcase the company’s history of innovation and introduce its next generation of outdoor speakers and lighting solutions, including the Bollard 1000 Speaker Series and EVO Lighting Series.