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It is time again for the annual AVNation Readers Choice Award. Ours is a two-step process. The month of December we took nominations from all over the audiovisual industry. Thousands of you gave us some great products and companies. The nominations have been tabulated and now we have the voting for the best of the best. There are no costs to submit a nomination, nor to vote. Now we are giving you the chance to filter through and let us know who the best of 2019 has been. This year we have also increased the categories to ten. If there are categories you’d like to see next year let us know.

Our bracket voting system was such a huge hit last year we are bringing it back again. There are three rounds of voting. Each of the seeds will be picked because they received the most nominations. The first week you will vote in the first round, the second week will be round two, and the last two weeks of January will be the final round. To vote on a specific category, click on that category and then select your pick in each bracket. Make sure you click “Vote” in each category and each bracket.

The dates for each round are as follows:
✔ Round 1: January 2 – January 10, 2020
Round 2: January 11 – January 17, 2020
Final Round: January 18 – January 31, 2020
Voting will end at 6 pm ET in each round.

See below to vote for the best of 2019.

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If you have any questions about the AVNation Awards, our process, or anything else, feel free to reach out to Tim Albright: tim@www.avnation.tv

*NOTE: If you are voting on a mobile device please scroll past the first round results to access second round voting*

Best Digital Signage Technology of 2019

[poller_master poll_id=”84″][poller_master poll_id=”85″]
[poller_master poll_id=”86″][poller_master poll_id=”87″]
[poller_master poll_id=”132″]
[poller_master poll_id=”133″]

Best Projection Technology of 2019

[poller_master poll_id=”89″][poller_master poll_id=”88″]
[poller_master poll_id=”90″][poller_master poll_id=”91″]
[poller_master poll_id=”134″]
[poller_master poll_id=”135″]

Best UCC Technology of 2019

[poller_master poll_id=”92″][poller_master poll_id=”93″]
[poller_master poll_id=”94″][poller_master poll_id=”95″]
[poller_master poll_id=”136″]
[poller_master poll_id=”137″]

Best AV Accessory of 2019

[poller_master poll_id=”96″][poller_master poll_id=”97″]
[poller_master poll_id=”98″][poller_master poll_id=”99″]
[poller_master poll_id=”138″]
[poller_master poll_id=”139″]

Best Microphone/Mic Technology of 2019

[poller_master poll_id=”100″][poller_master poll_id=”101″]
[poller_master poll_id=”102″][poller_master poll_id=”103″]
[poller_master poll_id=”140″]
[poller_master poll_id=”141″]

Best Speaker/Speaker Technology of 2019

[poller_master poll_id=”104″][poller_master poll_id=”105″]
[poller_master poll_id=”106″][poller_master poll_id=”107″]
[poller_master poll_id=”142″]
[poller_master poll_id=”143″]

Best Audio Video Distribution Technology of 2019

[poller_master poll_id=”108″][poller_master poll_id=”109″]
[poller_master poll_id=”110″][poller_master poll_id=”111″]
[poller_master poll_id=”144″]
[poller_master poll_id=”145″]

Best AV over IP Technology of 2019

[poller_master poll_id=”112″][poller_master poll_id=”113″]
[poller_master poll_id=”114″][poller_master poll_id=”115″]
[poller_master poll_id=”146″]
[poller_master poll_id=”147″]

Best Mounting Technology of 2019

[poller_master poll_id=”116″][poller_master poll_id=”117″]
[poller_master poll_id=”118″][poller_master poll_id=”119″]
[poller_master poll_id=”148″]
[poller_master poll_id=”149″]

Best AV Tech Support of 2019

[poller_master poll_id=”120″][poller_master poll_id=”121″]
[poller_master poll_id=”122″][poller_master poll_id=”123″]
[poller_master poll_id=”150″]
[poller_master poll_id=”151″]

Best AV Education Program of 2019

[poller_master poll_id=”124″][poller_master poll_id=”125″]
[poller_master poll_id=”126″][poller_master poll_id=”127″]
[poller_master poll_id=”152″]
[poller_master poll_id=”153″]

The AVNation AV Professional of 2019

[poller_master poll_id=”128″][poller_master poll_id=”129″]
[poller_master poll_id=”130″][poller_master poll_id=”131″]
[poller_master poll_id=”154″]
[poller_master poll_id=”155″]

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