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There are some great microphones on the market. Each mic has a specialty and a an area they shine. Every once in a while one mic rises above the rest for innovation and technology.


Shure MV 7

Shure MV 7
Shure MV 7

One of the most popular podcasting microphone has been Shure’s SM 7B. Shure took that technology and design and produced a comparable mic… with a built-in USB conection.

From Shure:

It’s a true an honor to win an AVNation Best Microphone Technology Award for the Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone. The MV7 has been well-received by the industry since launching in October 2020, which is a testament to the demand for top-notch audio streaming/recording solutions at-home. For decades, Shure’s engineers, designers and Associates have recognized that when it comes to podcasters, game-casters, and live-streamers, audio quality plays a monumental role. The MV7 is a result of this commitment to our customers, and we’re pleased to offer our first hybrid XLR/USB microphone to deliver versatility and control, various connectivity options and high-quality audio all in a sleek, compact design.

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