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YOU ARE AT:AVNation Best of 2020 Awards Best Tech Support

Tech support is the backbone of any manufacturer or integrator. Helping end users work through designs, technical issues, and returns are key to providing great support. Who does it better than the rest, at least during 2020?



From Extron:

World Class S3 Customer Support

Extron World Class S3 Customer Support
Extron World Class S3 Customer Support

Our friendly and knowledgeable support team is always ready to assist with product or application questions, technical support, and system design advice. You can be confident that our highly trained team will provide you with any resources needed to support you and help simplify the task of system integration. Extron places a high priority on the value of educating our customers, not just selling a product. We present a wide variety of training and educational programs throughout the world each year to broaden your AV knowledge and help you keep pace with new technologies and product developments. With offices around the globe, Extron is able to provide dedicated, full-service support to customers worldwide. Extron’s global presence means that we are here for you, wherever you are.

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