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WAVEcast 1400


Jennifer Willard sits down and talks about ways to support, encourage, and promote women in the audiovisual industry. The podcast features some of the most successful women in the AV field as they discuss their secrets to success and how to encourage other women to get into the field.

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Women in AV: Rachel Archibald

Talking to Rachel Archibald about her journey as a woman in the AV industry.

Women In AV: Brittany DiCesare

Talking to Brittany DiCesare about her journey through AV and what it means to be a woman working in the industry.

Women In AV: Barbara Spicek

Talking to Barbara Spicek about her experiences as a woman within the AV industry.

Women In AV: Zena Dennis

Talking to Zena Dennis about her experiences in the AV industry.

The Women of AV: Eboni Green

Talking to Eboni Green about her journey through AV and what it means for the industry to grown and diversify.

The Women of AV: Shameka Dunbar

Talking to Shameka Dunbar about her experience within the AV industry as a woman and what AV can do to expand itself beyond the industry.

The Women of AV: Kristin Salenger

Talking to Kristin Salenger about her journey through AV and the connection between music and mathematics.

The Women Of AV: Susan Wilhite

Talking to Susan Wilhite about her journey in AV and how she jumped into the industry.

The Women of AV: Cheri Parker

Talking to Cheri Parker about her journey into the AV industry and the process of project managament.

The Women of AV: Victoria Grupp

Talking to Victoria Grupp about how music led into AV programming and her experiences as a women in the AV industry.

The Women Of AV: Samantha Potter

Talking to Samantha Potter about her journey through the AV industry.

WAVEcast: Challenging AV’s Comfort Zone

Ronnie Anne Spang joins us to discuss her journey through the AV industry and what we can do to diversify our industry.

WAVEcast LIVE: 2020 Women In AV Survey Results

Taking a deep dive into the results of the Women in AV 2020 survey results.


The impact of COVID-19 on businesses and integrators, and how it has affected our daily lives.

WAVECast: Let’s Make History

Talking to Kari Martinez about her journey through the AV industry and her survey to find out what is driving women in AV.

WAVECast: Be Like Abi

Talking with the leadership of the Women in AV UK branch, and what’s going to be going on at Integrated Systems Europe 2020.

WAVECast: AV/IT Hiring Trends in 2020

How companies can get prospective hires interested in the AV space, and what aspiring employees can do to get involved in the industry.

WAVECast: Building A Better Tech World

Three new women are on the board of directors for CEDIA, and discussing if and when it’s appropriate to let your emotions out in the workplace.

WAVEcast: We’re Getting Stronger Together

Talking to Heather Sidorowicz about her experience in the AV industry, and what we can do for the future generations of women in AV.

WAVEcast: The WAVE Career Pledge

Women in AV & TierPM announce the new WAVE Career Pledge.

WAVEcast: Women of Color & Diversity

Discussing diversity and women of color within the AV industry.

AVNation Special: WAVE Mentoring

WAVE’s Jennifer Willard talks with Sadie Groom about the new Women in AV Mentoring Scheme being launched in the fall.