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Learn From Home – Commercial AV Virtual Summit

Learn From Home ~ Commercial AV Virtual Summit

WFH. Work from home. This hashtag has become synonymous with our current COVID-19 crisis. More than three-fourths of the US is under some form of “shelter in place”. Basically this means you are not going to work. AVNation, AVIXA, and a host of companies came together to bring to the commercial audiovisual community three days of keynotes and education. April 14 – 16 we heard from David Labuskes, Randy Klein, Anna Csontos, Chuck Wilson, and others about how the commercial AV industry has overcome crisis in the past and how we’ll overcome this one. In between the keynotes, our instructors taught on marketing, new streams of revenue, experience design, audio in 2020 and more. Watch at your leisure the keynotes and education from those three days.

Editor’s note: We had some technical issues so not all of the education sessions were recorded. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Understanding Personality Types for Increased Productivity and Success

Building relationships, servicing clients, working in teams, and managing projects all rely on one’s ability to work well with other people. Since the world is comprised of a wide variety of individuals, the ability to get along and thrive in inter-personal situations can be challenge. This is especially true when considering multidisciplinary activities or work

Social Media and Case Studies for Integrators

The team at Caster Communications gives guidance on how to best communicate and connect with your clients. In times like these, it can be difficult to know how to help clients. The Caster team are experts in crisis communications and PR. 

Marketing 101

Back to basics! In this class attendees will learn the 4 core areas of marketing an AV company. From content creation ideas and social media strategy to case studies and brand recognition…this class will be going over core basics for marketing the AV industry and leave you ready to start using them for your business

Experiential Design

We’ve all heard the buzz words immersive and experiential when it comes to AV technology, but what does it mean to design for the experience? While most use cases tend to be within the realm of rental and stage or live entertainment, there are a lot of ways that those principals can resonate and connect

Building a Solid Power Foundation: Basic Principles of Commercial Power Distribution

A solid power foundation is often taken for granted: Once the devices are plugged in, they’ll just work. But, anomalies such as surges, spikes, and electrical noise occur daily, not just when a storm hits, and can be the culprit for downtime, device failure, or frequent need for reboots requiring site visits. These risks for

Blending Software and Hardware for Critical Decision Making in Control Rooms

The purpose of a control room is to gather information to enhance critical decision-making. Integrators within the control room and visualization market are faced with new technology almost every day, which can make it challenging to arrive at a solution that allows users to make those decisions effectively. Add to that, an increasing amount of

Alternate Revenue Streams

The one-trick pony can no longer stand on its own.  The modern business needs focus to gain market penetration, yet enough diversity to stay afloat in varying conditions.  Alternate streams of revenue may be the key to long term business health.

Networking with Milan – open standard-based networking for future-proof AV systems

With AV increasingly residing on the network, the Pro AV market has unique requirements for moving time-sensitive audio, video and data across the network. Leading manufacturers in the industry have developed a network protocol built on top of IEEE Audio Video Bridging (AVB) open standards with added specifications to provide a fully realized solution that

Experiencing Audio in 2020

It is up to us to make sure we don’t end up on the wrong side of history; like the laserdisc.

AV Power Principles 101

During AV Power Principles 101 we will cover how to build a great AV power system. Ramy will also discuss understanding power basics, power quality, surge events, and power outages. 

In-Office or WFH, A beats V in AV

Join Tim Mackie as he goes into the science of audio for office and UC. Mackie will discuss the basics of audio technology, far field noise reduction, and tying the entire AV system together.

Video Wall Mounting Systems for Direct View LED DIsplays

This level includes training on direct-view LED displays and video wall mounting systems,  with a focus on the benefits of such technology and how to properly install a video wall from start to finish (pre-planning, site surveys, and best practices).

Creating a Voice Lift System

Overview of techniques and best practices required for the successful implementation of a voice lift system, including microphone selection and placement, potential acoustic gain, acoustic considerations, as well as how to utilize mix-minus and zoned loudspeaker systems.  

Introduction to IP Addressing and Static Routing

Eric Martin train you how to read network infrastructure, subnets, and IP addresses as if you were reading a map.

C Into the Future

In 1982 the compact disc changed how we thought about music.  In 2002 a connection improbably called the High Definition Multimedia Interface (or HDMI for short) changed how we thought about video and system integration.  Every 20 years or so a technology so powerful that it impacts the whole of an industry comes along.  Today

The application of interactive displays in Zoom Rooms, Microsoft Teams Rooms and everything else

Session will show how interactive displays play a critical role in the deployment of Zoom, specifically for Rooms for Touch. Will also demonstrate the full power of a Microsoft Teams Room MTR) and the full solution integration with audio, video, compute and control. Will showcase a new use case for the Zoom companion digital whiteboard.

Re-Envisioning the Conference Room using Human Behavior and Desired Outcomes

In this course, we’ll take a look at the history of the conference room and explore how today’s workflows may influence the future of its design.

VIA Wireless Presentation Solutions: The Next Level

The synergy of dedicated hardware and purpose-built software has allowed Kramer’s VIA products to evolve tremendously since their introduction in 2014.  While still focused on simple, easy-to-use wireless screen sharing, VIA is capable of so much more.  In this webinar, we’ll take a look at how VIA has not only improved its core functionality but

An Introduction to 2D Acoustical Modeling

For AVNation’s Learn From Home Virtual Summit, Biamp Technical Services Manager Dave Howden showcases the process of sound design for speakers with Community Loudspeakers in different spaces.

Sound Masking 101

The instructor will show students how to “tune” a sound masking system for best results using a Type I meter and 1/3rd octave equalization. Students will receive class lecture followed by a set of practical exercises.

Managed Network Switch Configuration for AV Installations

As AV becomes much more dependent on IP networking the need to use managed switches is growing.  This session will focus on the rationale for selecting a managed network switch for AV installations, the most common managed features the switch will utilize, and a very basic checklist of how to configure the network switch for

Audio Networking for AV Professionals

From monitoring devices to routing audio, plus tips for communicating with IT about audio-related troubleshooting, this course covers all things networked audio.

COVID-19’s Impact on Live Events Professionals and How to Overcome It’s Impact

Wallace Johnson is joined by members of the Rental and Staging Network. They’ll discuss the impact the COVID-19 crisis has had on the live events communities, how we can support them during the downturn, and ways to come overcome. 

Achieving Exceptional Experience With QSC’s Executive Vice President Anna Csontos At The Learn From Home Virtual Summit

QSC’s Anna Csontos deliberates the vital essences of the AV Industry, and how they come together as part of the Learn From Home Virtual Summit.

Making Critical Decisions With NSCA CEO Chuck Wilson At The Learn From Home Virtual Summit

NSCA Executive Director Chuck Wilson joins us at the Learn From Home Virtual Conference talking about the important decisions business leaders can make in the midst of COVID-19.

The Scope of AV With Crestron CEO Randy Klein At Learn From Home Virtual Summit

Randy Klein starts the second day of AVNation’s Learn From Home Virtual Summit discussing how AV is vital in these times.

AV Integrators Through The Crisis At Learn From Home Virtual Summit

Our panel of industry professionals discuss the impact of COVID-19 on our industry, and how we are going to get through it.

David Labuskes Kicks Off Learn Fom Home Virtual Summit

Shifting Lines & Blurring Boundaries The beginning of AVNation’s Learn From Home Virtual Summit for the commercial side of the AV industry starts with AVIXA’s CEO David Labuskes. Labuskes discusses the recent challenges that have come from working from home, and focusing on the exceptional experience for the consumer.