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A State of Control 103: Embedded Developer

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Programming by itself isn’t hard to define. It’s the process to make instructions and perform tasks through technology. But in the AV space, everything is technology. By their nature, AV programming can be ambiguous. Solutions require programming, there’s a program phase in any design project, and of course control system programming. But with the avenue of new procedures in software development, how lenient is that term going to be?

In addition to co-host Rich Fregosa, we are joined by Level 3 Audiovisual Chief Technology Officer Frederick Loucks and Technical Director for LCD Control Systems Neil Silver to refine and define that term of AV programmer. We discuss the shift from programmer to developer, how the role changes in the AV space, and the opportunities for programmers to raise the bar and impact the industry at large.

  • AVNation studios production equipment provided by Shure and Vaddio.
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