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A State of Control 105: Always Be Learning

Value Yourself

One of the most advantageous parts of going into the programming field is that their knowledge can last. Good programmers can maintain a role for a good amount of time due to knowledge, experience and effectiveness in the projects they have accomplished. However, that ability also comes with a downside that makes it hard to advance further into a career depending on their situation. Even if a position is lucrative, should any programmer be content if they’re feeling stagnated? 

Today we are joined by co-host and Principal of Fregosa Design Rich Fregosa, Assistant Director of AV Services for Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine (& co-host with Steve on Ask The Programmer) James King, and Senior Systems Programmer for Verrex Brian Magrogan about advancing in a programming career. We look at what a programmer can do to stay motivated in their path, how they can demonstrate their value in a current role, and much more.

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