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A State of Control 84: Cult of Personality

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The Resimercial Returns

Within the AV industry there are essentially two sects, the Commercial side and the Residential side. As the names would imply, the commercial side deals with offices and businesses while residential goes for the home and the technology inside, and never the twain shall meet. While the term and concept of “Resimercial” is not new, a lot of things have changed in the past 18 months to suddenly make a lot of living spaces more accustomed to work and potentially some workplaces given space to live. In addition to Rich Fregosa we are joined by Owner of Southtown AV Heather Sidorowicz and Owner of ProAudio Georgia Steven Brawner to discuss this burgeoning space. Is it simply an overlap between commercial and residential, or could it become something more?

  • Rich Fregosa – Rich on Twitter
  • Heather Sidorowicz – Southtown AV
  • Steven Brawner – ProAudio Georgia
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