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AV Insights 5: Supply Chain

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The supply chain is an important part of the ecosystem of many industries, AV included. In the past year we have seen a line of events that have shown considerable disruption to the normal balance of supply chains as we know it. It’s not just limited to the pandemic and the changes that it brought, there have been droughts affecting the production of vital semiconductors, physical impediments for shipping and more. It’s the kind of topic that bears so much importance this conversation will be more packed than ever in content and guests.

Joining us for this episode as always is AVIXA’s Senior Director of Market Intelligence Sean Wargo, Managing Director for Grandbeing Keith Kennedy, Vice President of Technology at RoomReady Dave Hatz, Founder of Sixteen:Nine Dave Haynes and Market Development Manager for Starin Marketing Chris Neto. We look at the effects of the supply chain from all angles of the AV industry, and what integrators, distributors & manufacturers should be preparing for in the coming months.

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