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AVNation Special: Navigating The Supply Chain With Q-SYS

It is no secret that the recent supply chain challenges has affected all manner of businesses and even personal matters. Every technology sector, just like the AV industry has felt the echoes of chip shortages and inventory issues. AV manufacturers now have to be more careful than ever to figure out how to best serve their customers in the midst of this situation.

Today, we sit down with the Vice President of Global Supply Chain Karon Evanoff and the Vice President of Systems Americas Frank West from Q-SYS to discuss how they are working to address the supply chain. We talk about mitigating component shortages, finding alternate suppliers, and the redesign of products such as the Core 110f to work through the supply chain shortages and maintain the level of quality that clients expect from their solutions.

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  • AVNation studios production equipment provided by Shure and Vaddio.
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