Monday, May 20, 2024
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AVSocial 58: To Boost Or Not To Boost

Don’t Be An Oops

The folks from Caster Communications are back to talk about some social media marketing strategies. These lessons were based off of their previous seminars that were included in AVNation’s own Learn From Home Virtual Summit, both in the Residential and Commercial sector. Now with nearly everyone at home, having an online presence is essentially the primary way a business can interface with their customers. Caster Communications has been (literally) virtually bombarded with questions from individuals of all areas of the industry since their appearance on AVNation’s own “Learn From Home Virtual Summit” for both the Residential and Commercial sectors.

Alex Crabb, Laura Shubel, and Pete Girard glide through the details this week using you, the viewers, as the source material to smooth over the foundation of your online presence from the questions you’ve been asking: How do we know which hashtags to use that will be effective on social media platforms? What do you do when your business receives bad reviews on Yelp, Google, Facebook Pages, etc.? Is there a best time, approach, and execution to releasing content? What are some cost effective options for those of us that don’t necessarily have the budget for a large marketing team? What are some effective strategies for paying to boost posts on the different social media/marketing platforms? 

All of these questions answered as well as a few more, all sourced from real people just like you because, well, they came from you! We’re very excited to have this more personalized, very unique episode that keeps a dialogue direct to our listeners to better help your interactions with your consumers. Please keep those questions coming so we can create more content to help your businesses!

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  • Alex Crabb – Caster Communications
  • Laura Shubel – Caster Communications
  • Pete Girard – Caster Communications