Friday, March 1, 2024
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AVWeek 390: Back Pocket

What the meaning of “is” is

Christie’s President and CEO Jack Kline announces he will be stepping down after 40 years with the company in April. What this means for the AV industry. Biamp says they are on track to activate 3 billion microphones through their Crowd Mics application. How innovative this is for audience interaction. Discussing illusory clauses in AV contracts. Is the contractor truly responsible for a complete system?

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Host: Tim Albright


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StreamGuys Lift San Jose Sharks Out of the Shark Tank and...

The Shark Tank has transitioned from the Shark Tank to StreamGuys' SGrecast platform, allowing the San Jose Sharks to provide 24/7 audio content for fans worldwide. Veteran announcer Dan Rusanowsky, who has been with the Sharks since 1991, has been involved in audio production since 2019. The Sharks Plus SAP Center app and website also use SGrecast, allowing for better monetization and engagement.