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Friday, April 19, 2024
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AVWeek 391: Complimentary AV

Providing a consistent experience

GN Audio will be acquiring Altia Systems. What it means to bring companies together from different markets, and what this means for the Panacast cameras. Cory Schaeffer sees this as a play for the huddle room space and going after Logitech.

Datapath is expanding its international customer support. What it takes to serve customers and dealers globally. We mentioned the PSNI Supersummit end-user live stream Tim Albright hosted. Here is where you can find the stream. Organizations like PSNI is pooling like-minded dealers to maintain the standard of quality around the globe. Luke Jordan talks about his company’s decision to stick to what they do well locally and turning down work if customers want to go global.

Upgrading audio solutions for houses of worship as they grow and expand. How integrators can help in this market space. One way is to provide an honest assessment of where your client is and turning down work if it won’t best fit your client. “Harvard turns away a lot of students.”

Gina Sansivero and Cory Schaeffer joined us during ISE 2019 in Amsterdam. If you would like to visit Amsterdam while on an audiovisual business trip, next year would be your year as the show moves to Barcelona in 2021.

Video available below

Host: Tim Albright



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  • Coverage of Altia Systems’ Panacast cameras from ISE 2019 can be found here.
  • AVWeek started in late July 2011. It is hosted by Tim Albright. Albright started his professional life as a broadcaster in St. Louis. In the audiovisual industry, Tim has worked as a technology manager for Lewis and Clark Community College, control programmer, design consultant, and design engineer. The first episode of AVWeek, episode 0000, was recorded via Skype with two AV pros Albright met via Twitter and a long-time friend. Since that first episode in July 2011, AVWeek has produced a weekly program missing only one week in the first year.

    Albright also taught radio and audio production for over 14 years, including introducing podcast production to his students in 2006. He resides on the Illinois side of the St. Louis, Missouri area where he and his wife raise their two children. AVWeek is based, in part, on the TWiT (This Week in Tech) model of podcasts where the host reads a news story and panelists provide their insight, analysis, and opinion on the subject matter. If you would like to be a panelist on AVWeek, email Tim at tim@www.avnation.tv

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