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AVWeek 406: Local AV

Getting local in AV while going global

On this episode of AVWeek we take a look at the hurdles to overcome when expanding into new regions of the globe. AVStumpfl has expanded their U.S. offices to include training, sales support, and warehousing for quicker delivery. Our panel discusses how to best enter and support a new region or country. “It’s about getting more local as you expand globally in the AV market.”

More AV manufacturers are getting into the UC market. Kramer has teamed up with Logitech. This is not the first or last AV manufacturer to get into the UCC space (unified communication and collaboration). How are companies helping their integrator clients with design and deployment in the UC space? What does it say to the market that Enterprise Connect and other shows are increasing the number of traditional AV manufacturers as exhibitors? Our panel discusses how audiovisual integrators can make the most of this vertical.

How to best future proof for AV security. In a guest blog on AV Magazine, William MacDonald from Starleaf writes about putting designs in place to “future proof” the security of an audiovisual system. Our guests talk about the best way to do so. We also ask the question “how do we future proof when we don’t know the skill set of hackers tomorrow or next year?”

Host: Tim Albright – AVNation


Kirsten Nelson – Kirsten on Twitter

Dan Ferrisi – Sound and Communications


Sound and Communications – AVStumpfl expands U.S. headquarters

AVNation TV – Kramer Electronics joins Logitech Collaboration Program

AV Magazine – Prioritizing AV security in design

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