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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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AVWeek 455: Touchless AV

The Waffle House Threshold

You would think that the world going into our respective vaults would slow down the news machine for a little bit, but we still have plenty of things to talk about involving the commercial side of the AV industry. Joining us is CEO of IAS Technologies Jeremy Caldera, Content Director for SCN and AV Network Megan Dutta, and recently featured SCN The Nine AV professional Kate Calderon.

While we are in the full swing of cancellations, reschedulings and virtual conferences, event planners predict that September will be the most significant month for recovery in the live event and conference space. Will we be ready by then? Is it enough time? The purpose of this is to help gauge the current situation, project progress, and hopefully give some insight to the venues, destinations, and suppliers on what to expect and be prepared for in the coming months. This is all based upon what the organizers are seeing from their end: a much less controversial and more productive meaning to the word ‘Plandemic.’

Next, we discuss the safety measures for integrators to take during this global pandemic. What are some great ways for our AV integrators/Techs to stay safe on the jobsite during this new pandemic mentality?

Due to COVID-19, some companies are looking into alternative ways of operating solutions, from touchless integration to virtual and augmented reality. What about devices that aren’t shared like smartphones and personal electronic devices? The team at Mad Systems is also spearheading augmented reality projects that will include your already owned devices to interact with different systems at event venues for different experiences whilst mitigating the potential for viral transference. It’s safe to say AV companies like these are the pioneers of this new technological frontier.

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