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AVWeek 460: Layers

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Good Standards Create Great Experiences

Normally we’d be in the middle of InfoComm 2020 in Las Vegas, but the world had other plans. Even still, we are joined by a full suite of amazing people in the AV industry. With us is Vice President of Commercial Sales for Sonance Michael Bridwell, Senior Product Manager for ATEN Technology YT Liang, Senior Director of System Sales for QSC Frank West, and Vice President for Electro Acoustics Luke Jordan to tackle the cavalcade of news coming out of the commercial side of the AV space.

First up are a set of dueling stories. AV Magazine took a deep dive into a survey conducted by Ultraleap finding a “loss of confidence” in touchscreens due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Yet you also have articles like the one in Sound and Communications highlighting the growing adoption of immersive display technologies in many solutions like digital signage, wayfinding and more. So who’s right in this fight? Where do we see touchscreens throughout the rest of the year, or once we’re clear of COVID-19? Taking a look at the potential future of how we control solutions.

AtlasIED introduces a new cleanroom speaker cover for their SHS speakers for hospitals and medical facilities, to minimize the spread of particles and maintain higher air quality. Discussing the importance of clean AV products and developing products that can be utilized in a sanitized environment. Also, considering how to design sanitary AV solutions for the future in case of a later pandemic.

Finally, AVIXA has announced the winners of the 2020 AV Experience Awards. Discussing why it’s important to highlight the ways that AV has been used to create an experience. Also, Luke launches into a powerful filibuster about creating standards for a consistently strong experience that is not to be missed.

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