Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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AVWeek 467: Hybrid

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A Whole New Ball Game

We’re here in your virtual space to talk about other virtual spaces, some which were previously physical. We’re also going to discuss the top stories surrounding the AV industry, like we always do. Joining us today is Executive Director of The Loop Lab Christopher Hope, AV Consultant at Newcomb & Boyd Gladys Marroquin and CEO for IAS Technology Jeremy Caldera as we dive into the latest news for the commercial side of the industry.

The Consumer Technology Association has announced that CES 2021 will be going all-digital. This is possibly the first show in 2021 to be turned virtual, but it most likely won’t be the last. What does this mean for CES? Are we going to see more hybrid events, or will it stay solely virtual? Looking at the state of physical trade shows and what the AV industry can do in its stead.

The Digital Equity Coalition is founded in Baltimore, looking to provide internet access to thousands who have neither access to the internet or devices to get on the network. Through this non-profit consortium, they are looking to close the disparity between people with immediate access to the internet and the less fortunate. In this modern world access to the internet can be a step into a successful career and life. What can integrators do to bridge this gap?

Sports are coming back, in very unique ways. Stands are uninhabited by people, though in some baseball stadiums they are putting up carboard cutouts and playing canned audience noise as a replacement. The NBA season will be starting, and utilizing 17-foot LED screens showing more than 300 images of fans using Microsoft’s recently released Rogether Mode in Teams. Since this pandemic is not going anywhere any time soon, how can we use AV solutions like this in unique ways to bring back the crowds in a safe environment?


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