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AVWeek 469: Pots Of Money

Analog In A Digital World

Don’t be afraid of technology, embrace it! Join us as we discuss the latest news coming out of the commercial side of the AV industry. Joining us today is host of our own AVSocial show Dawn Meade, Kramer US President and Tim’s coffee supplier Clint Hoffman, and President of Southtown AV and regular of our ResiWeek show Heather Sidorowicz.  

Midwich Group is launching a global Hardware as a Service program. Through this program, channel partners will be able to offer the latest in UC solutions to their customers. This is coming off the heels of an announcement that Poly and Zoom would be partners in worldwide distribution for hardware for the Zoom platform. Should other companies be looking at what’s going on here and try to make their own HaaS program? Looking at the challenge for a company to make a service on this global scale.

Resimercial is back with a vengeance, especially considering that most people are now working from home. What was once oil and water is now working together as working from home might require commercial grade AV. How do integrators and businesses get involved?

The first civil jury trial with a binding verdict in the US is set to take place as part of Florida’s Supreme Court’s decision. There have been many virtual hearings in non-jury trials, but this is a step forward. While there are some places that can’t be replaced by Zoom calls, what other situations can be done virtually that we have previously taken for granted? Discussing how we can use the virtual space to keep participants safe and keep work flowing.

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