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AVWeek 481: Light A Candle

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Look To The Future, Shape The Future

What has the world come to? It’s not the other things that are currently surrounding the world today, it’s that Bradford Benn is here and unchained from his previous employment, free to cause havoc to our shows. Oh, the humanity. Even still, we will press on to get you the latest news coming out of the commercial side of the AV industry. With us in this discussion is host of AVSocial Dawn Meade, Systems Support Engineer for Extron Chris Bach, Global Services Manager for Verrex Charmaine Torruella, and the aforementioned Bradford Benn. 

FSR has recently announced the passing of its co-founder and Chairman, Bill Fitzsimmons, who passed away peacefully on October 25th. He left an important legacy behind at FSR, even after giving Jan Sandri the role of President and becoming a chairman for the company. We take some time to remember his impact within the AV industry, and also discuss what it means to create a succession plan for your business, and how to foster growth in the industry as a whole for the next generation of the AV workforce. 

Sharp & NEC have finalized their joint venture, forming Sharp NEC Display Solutions. As the name suggests, the company is focused on the business-to-business display space, developing a range of visual dsplay solutions for many markets. What does this deal mean for display market moving forward? Who benefits the most out of this, Sharp, NEC or the consumers as a whole? Host: Tim Albright

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