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AVWeek 482: AV Vaccine

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Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action

Maybe this should just be about announcing Bradford Benn’s new business arrangements. And while we do wish the best for him (because otherwise we wouldn’t hear the end of it) we’ve got to cover the rest of the commercial side of the AV industry. And with us to make that journey is Content Director for SCN Megan Dutta, Associate Sales Engineer for Access Networks & the Smooth Factor herself, Alesia Hendley, Principal Consultant for avitaas Brock McGinnis, and Senior Staff Instructor at AVIXA Chuck Espinoza.

Just recently, the companies Pfizer and BioNTech have announced their development of a vaccine for COVID that was able to prevent over 90% of participants contracting the disease in a clinical trial. This is a huge step for combatting the pandemic, although the road is still long ahead. Even so, people in the AV industry like ISE’s managing director Mike Blackman are taking notice. If the vaccine keeps this pace, there may yet be hope to returning to events by the time ISE is projected to open in June of 2021. Is this feasible? And even just speaking hypothetically, how much can this do for not just the live events part of AV, but our industry as a whole?

AVI Systems has acquired Avyve. This Atlanta based company is one more move for AVI as they looks to expand their reach in the southeastern part of the US. Was his a case of right time, right action, or is this a sign of growth for the industry trending back into normalcy? Looking at the factors that led to this acquisition and what it means for both companies moving forward.

Planar is expanding the product security program for customers and sectors of the US government. Is this just a matter of striking while the iron’s hot? What does this mean for the expectations of security for video walls and other solutions? Does this have an effect on other countries’ AV? Discussing what this means for Planar and trying our darndest to stay apolitical in this conversation.

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