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AVWeek 485: Get Out

Big Spending

Whether you are cold, dry or both, we are here to bring you the latest news coming out of the commercial side of the AV industry. At the very least, it might warm your heart. Results may vary. With us in this roundtable is Sales Engineer for DTEN Adrian Boyd, Founder of IAS Technology Jeremy Caldera and AV Professional and author Murphy Daley.

Every year, System Contractor News brings forth a list of the Top 50 Systems Integrators for the year. This year was slightly different, basing this on a three-year average of revenue due to the wild irregularity that is 2020. We take a look and pick out some standout spots in the list (including Jeremy’s own IAS Technology) and consider what that says for our industry.

Next, we immediately veer into a minefield and try to gingerly dance around it. Commercial Integrator writes about how the next presidential term could affect the AV industry. We consider and compare the different government administrations in the last decade and see what might be coming down the line when Biden takes office in January. Can we have a civil discussion about this topic and behave like adults? It is 2020, anything is possible.

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