Thursday, December 7, 2023
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AVWeek 502: Phygital

Right Back Where We Started From

If for some reason the thing you gave up for Lent was podcasts, welcome back! We are as always covering the latest news coming out of the commercial side of the AV industry. Joining us this week is Global Service Manager for Verrex Charmaine Torruella, Editor for Sound & Communications Dan Ferrisi and General Manager for Herman Integration Services Chris Bianchet.  

The PSNI Global Alliance just wrapped up their 2021 Supersummit for which we were a part of. One of the biggest facets of the event was the use of real-time translation from Williams AV. Utilizing Google’s own artificial intelligence, the solution is capable of transcribing up to 27 languages and over 70 dialects with 94% accuracy. In no short order, this is a gamechanger. What other verticals could greatly benefit from solutions like this? Discussing the value of this service and how it could help more companies expand to a global audience.

Just this last week Sound & Communications held a webinar looking at the impact of the American Rescue Plan Act on the commercial AV industry. And it just so happens we have Dan on our show today! We talk with him and the rest of our crew about how this will affect the industry top to bottom.

A survey conducted by Epson in Europe states that a high proportion of people are planning to go to either the same or more events once restrictions have been lifted. This comes from an online survey of 2500 recipients across five countries of Europe. Does this reflect the rest of the world? Are even ready to just go right back to normal?

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