AVWeek 512: AV is IT

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The Future Is Now, Old Man

Even though we inch ever closer to our big AV³ event, we still have the time to take a look at the latest news coming out of the commercial side of the AV industry and report on it. Joining us in this task is Director of Systems Solutions for QSC Cory Schaeffer, Vice President of Sales & Operations for Nationwide AV Brock McGinnis and AV Specialist at Stockton University James King.

Luis Schilling and Alberto Schilling have launched, an AV subcontracting firm. Subcontractors are not a new things in hte AV space, but quality can differ between different groups when the need for such an entity arises. Looking at the good and the bad of subcontract work and what can be done to ensure a project will be consistent throughout.

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Despite Tim’s objections to the wording, we look at the future-proofing of the hybrid work model for remote employees. Due to the pandemic, the potential of having employees do their job from home became much more viable and now potentially something that could stick even as more businesses get back into the office. Is there a way to really hit that parity between the remote and office worker?

Kean University has recently showcased the Visualization and Immersive Studio for Education and Research. It is designed as a versatile space for displaying presentations and even potentially an event space. In short, it looks very slick. Are there more potential applications for a place like this?

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