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AVWeek 523: A Gooder Service AKA Let’s Get Cookin’

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The Open Secret

The only orders we’re filling here is a heaping of news for the commercial side of the AV industry. Joining us to do just that is newly appointed Director of Emerging Markets for The rAVe Agency Megan Dutta, Vice President & Co-Steward of Electro Acoustics Luke Jordan and ProAV Product Marketing Manager for NETGEAR John Henkel.

QSC sent out a letter to their distribution partners announcing that they will temporarily stop taking and fulfilling orders for a number of products. This is in turn due to the supply chain issues brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as several other supply chain factors that took place in the last year. And despite asking for confidentiality in the letter itself, it’s made its way around the news outlets. Would it have been better to be transparent and outright declare their issues, or was attempting to keep it under wraps the way to go? What does this mean for other manufacturers that are likely facing the same issues with supply? Looking at what this could mean for manufacturers and the industry at large.

Next we look at the intersection of corporate and ministry by way of an article by David Lee Jr. from Sound & Communications. When it comes to houses of worship, audio and video are the main highlights, followed by possibly lighting and more recently streaming. What doesn’t normally come up are the parts that usually coincide with places we would find in the office, conferencing and data management being just a few of those services. Can we apply some of the knowledge we have as integrators in the office space to houses of worship?

Host: Matt Scott
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