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AVWeek 570: Automate AV

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Wheat From The Chaff

Summertime, but the living is far from easy. When our computers aren’t catching fire (self inflicted or otherwise) we are committed to discussing the latest news coming out of the commercial side of the AV industry. Joining us this week is Director of Global Sales for FSR Chaz Porter, Integrated Systems Design Partner for Kirkegaard and Senior Manager of Product Training & Adoption for Mersive Technologies Erica Carroll.

AVIXA has released a new report specifically targeted towards the chip shortage situation. To attempt to condense twenty pages of a report into a few sentences, things are not as bad as they seem. There is still going to be an interesting road for dealers and manufacturers, but the supply chain issues are closer to being fixed than anticipated. So how close is this report? Will the impact on inflation in other sectors of the world start to affect AV as well? Taking a look at what could be expected for the rest of the year and when we will see a break for the industry.

After that doozy of a discussion, how about something lighter? That segue would work better if it was a lighting story, but instead this one involves Jetbuilt and Vectorworks partnering together. Users with Jetbuilt projects can now seamlessly export in Vectorworks own ConnectCAD to create CAD drawings, 3D renderings and more. Integration like this can be a great boon for designers by saving time throughout the project. Where can we see other examples of integration like this within the industry?

If we went with this story ahead of Jetbuilt and Vectorworks, the joke could’ve landed! LG Display’s transparent OLED solution has been integrated into a modular partition system by way of Gensler. The M923 is capable of structuring interior spaces with short-term and long-term partitions to support the dynamic office layout. Where else could AV be utilized to enhance the office space?

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