AVWeek 574: AV Scars

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Wouldn’t It Be Nice

For some it may be back to school, but when it comes to the news surrounding the AV industry we never stopped. We are here every week to bring you the latest stories coming from the commercial side of AV and discuss it with a panel of experts. Joining us this week is AtlasIED’s Vice President of Marketing & Corporate Communications Gina Sansivero, industry veteran Nyere Hollingsworth and Vice President of Sales & Operations for Nationwide AV Brock McGinnis.

We start by looking at the different applications of artificial intelligence within the AV industry. Currently, what we know as AI has been used in the AV/IT space for developing products and solutions to bring touchless environments and predictive operations. What are the next steps for the AV industry to utilize AI, machine learning and now something called artificial general intelligence? Discussing the automation of the future when it comes to the commercial space.

Friend of our partner show ResiWeek Amanda Wildman writes for Commercial Integrator talking, fittingly enough, about the residential space. So what is it doing here and not on Matt’s show? She is specifically writing about both the commercial and residential space and if integrators should consider partnerships across the space. The term ‘resimercial’ is nothing new, and plenty of residential integrators dabble in the commercial space. What are the things that each side can take from one another and apply to their respective space?

In July of 2022, the US Congress passed the CHIPS Act. It is not related to the Erik Estrada television series or the better forgotten Dax Shepard remake, but rather the current supply chain shortage that you might have heard about once or twice on this very show. We’ve looked at the ways that the CHIPS Act helps the AV industry on our site, and we turn it over to the panel to get their insights on what this means for our industry. Are the bleak multi-year predictions out of the window with legislation like this backing us up?

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