Monday, December 4, 2023
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AVWeek 575: Creative Collaboration

The Future, With Lasers

It wouldn’t be another Monday without looking at all the latest news coming out of the commercial side of the AV industry with some industry experts. Joining us this week is CX/UX Designer at the University of Southern California Lex Evans, Business Development Manager at QSC Charmaine Torruella and Channel Sales Manager for Korbyt Kaleo Lee.

A recent Sony event utilized holograms to bring actor Tom Holland to a press event in Italy remotely. Holograms are far from speculative fiction, barring Pepper’s ghost all the way back in the 1800s and even seemingly more recent uses like bring idol singer Hatsune Miku to real life. This is video conferencing in an entirely new light. But are there more merits beyond the wow factor? The article brings up budgetary advantages as well as arguably environmental ones. Could this be the next step for conferencing or live events in this hybrid space?

In Commercial Integrator, Dr. Reggie Smith III discusses collaboration and how these solutions have been used in education well before the pandemic. Truly, distance-based learning has been around since nearly the 90s when the internet became ubiquitous and more widely available than ever. How can educational institutions best use hybrid solutions moving forward?

Lastly we look at an article from one Scott Tiner who asks “Where is the innovation in AV?” Maybe it’s because we have been talking about distance learning and holographic conferencing, but we do have to wonder where the next big thing is for the AV industry. Is it going to be a minute before the next breakthrough device, or some new vertical for AV to expand upon? Discussing where, if anywhere, the innovation lies dormant in this space.

  • Charmaine Torruella – QSC
  • Kaleo Lee – Korbyt
  • Lex Evans – USC
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