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AVWeek 583: Inter-Op

Stop Trying To Make 3D Happen!

It’s time to gather up the latest news coming out of the commercial side of the AV industry and discuss it with a panel of experts in the field. Joining us this week is AV Consultant for Henderson Engineers Erica Williams, and Director of Instructional Resources for the University of Central Florida Don Merrit.

Last week was Microsoft’s annual conference Microsoft Ignite, a show for developers and IT professionals. There were plenty of new features for software like Teams and a focus on the hybrid work space. A big detail for our side was a partnership with Cisco, offering the option to run Teams natively on Cisco Room and Desk devices. We look at what this means for the higher education and corporate spaces moving forward.

Speaking of conferencing solutions, Google is testing 3D videoconferencing solutions in select offices. Project Starline is the name of their latest holographic videoconferencing system, and prototypes are being installed at Salesforce, WeWork, T-Mobile and other offices as part of an early program. Holograms have been the pie in the sky video conferencing dream since the days of science fiction. But the real question is… Do we need it? In a live event setting, it has merit. Bringing a virtual idol to the real world or (more in line with the AV side) having a presenter share space while being halfway across the world can be important. With the foucs on meeting equity, is this the right step?

Finally, we take a look at the direct view LED (dvLED) market and why it is gaining traction in the corporate space. One of the biggest areas for dvLEDs are sports venues such as the Busch Stadium in St. Louis. Other than that vertical, where could dvLED play a great role in? Could it work in the board room or campus spaces, and how do they compare to OLED and iLEDs? Will direct view overtake traditional displays?

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