Thursday, December 7, 2023
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AVWeek 591: Virtually Together

Invasive Privacy

It’s the very last regular show of AVWeek for 2022, but if Bradford Benn is hosting than it’s anything but regular. Either way, we are committed to bringing you the latest news in the commercial side of the AV industry. Joining Bradford this week is Futurist and host of XR Star Amelia Kallman, Kirkegaard Partner & Principal of Integrated Systems Design Bren Walker and AV Solutions Engineer Chrissy Sara.

Occupancy monitors aren’t a new thing, but this article has them in a new light: Students rebel against heat sensing crotch monitor surveillance devices. Yes, you are reading that title right. Northern University students found these devices in off all places the Cybersecurity & Privacy Institute. After finding the sensors, the students removed them and have made something of an art piece out of them. We discuss the way that surveillance has had an impact on AV.

Amazon Studios has opened up a new virtual production stage, along with a new department solely based on virtual productions. This is similar technology to the ones used for Disney shows like The Mandalorian, instead of traditional green screens. For AV, it’s very important since those walls are giant LED screens to display that technology. We look at the future of broadcasting and productions.

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