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AVWeek 604: Flexible AV

Consistency Is Key

Despite being recorded on St. Patrick’s Day, the closest thing we have to green is Steve’s off-teal shirt. But whether it’s St. Elmo’s Fire, St. Louis or St. James Infirmary, we are here to cover the commercial side of the AV industry. Joining us this week is the aforementioned host of State of Control & Founder of Control Concepts Steve Greenblatt, Creative Director for Socialure Emile van de Coevering and Learning Environments Support Analyst for USC Adaline Tatum.

NDI is reported to be the leading technology for networked video products. To be cognizant of our Bradford Mandate, this refers to Network Device Interfaces, making a divide between this and other AV over IP solutions. Where are we seeing evolution in how we send video through a network?

Midwich has surpassed the £1 Billion revenue barrier. According to them, this was the result of outstanding performances, strategic acquisitions and focus on customer success. Are there benefits and risks when it comes to these big name companies within our midst?

If you can remember the blur that was February, Steve and Co-host Rich Fregosa actually set up an episode of A State of Control right on the floor of ISE 2023. They discussed the value of software in the AV control space. We continue that conversation about software-based control platforms and how quickly we’re moving to exclusively software solutions in various AV spaces.

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