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AVWeek 605: Levels of Dork

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It’s time for the latest news and stories for the commercial side of the AV industry. Joining us this week is Senior Regional Manager for Liberty AV Solutions Christie Mitchell and Building Technology Designer for HGA Kelly Teel.

Holoxica has entered liquidation of their assets. As the name might imply, they were a holographic display manufacturer and have declared bankruptcy. Rather than focus on the software side, we want to look at the bigger picture. If a company or manufacturer that an integrator is using suddenly goes under or disappears from existence, what’s the next plan of action? How have backup plans and backup plans for your backup plans.

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Samsung has launched a new series of OLED TVs. The S95C and S90C are being marketed as consumer models, but considering how they are the least expensive 4K OLED screens in the space, integrators should have their eyes peeled. As advanced technology like 4K goes down in price, what does that mean for the AV market at large?

L-Acoustics has been added to an annual list of the World’s Most Innovative companies. The ones making this list, Fast Company, is a media brand dedicated to finding the latest cutting-edge business trends. They’re not necessarily ingrained in our sector, which means it can have more reach outside of it. Simply put, how do we make AV more mainstream and visible to those outside?

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