Friday, July 12, 2024
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AVWeek 609: Better Idiots

The Great Thing About Standards…

It’s time to look at the latest news coming out of the commercial side of the AV industry. Joining us this week is AV Expert Dawn Meade, Technical Director for Perfect Octave Peter Sheppard and Director of IT for Pace University (and one half of Bald AV Guys) Rich Miller.

Bose has announced the sale of their Bose Professional Division. It is going to Transom Capital Group, and will assume ownership of the commercial installation and conferencing businesses. We discuss what this means not just for our side, but those customers who are utilizing these Bose solutions.

Earth Day was just this Saturday, which prompts us to look at sustainability within our own AV space. With the recent supply chain issues, companies have been looking at ways to make systems last longer out of necessity, but initiatives like Sustainability in AV (SAVe) have really pushed the potential for encouraging meaningful impact in this area. How important is this evolution of “Green AV” to the industry as a whole?

Finally, we discuss the rising demand for BYOD solutions. To opt into the Bradford Rule, this stands for Bring Your Own Device, which is exactly what it sounds like. In a conferencing space, a solution acts more like a hub for users to jump onto with their own tech. It definitely grew in use thanks to the pandemic and wariness of clean surfaces, but now has become much more flexible than a traditional closed system.

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