Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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AVWeek 628: The Economy of Green AV

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Our fancy new video wall is up and about, which means we have the potential to put funny things behind Tim. But for now, we’ll stick to focusing on the news from the commercial side of the AV industry. Joining us this week is Event Staging Technical Specialist for Corporate AV George Tucker, Support Analyst for the University of Southern California Adaline Tatum, and newly minted Executive Director for Digital Spaces for UCLA, Joe Way.

Prudential Financial has built a new video production studio near their headquarters in New Jersey. The new studio has everything to produce a range of live and recorded programs with quality comparable to broadcast. As the solutions become more common, are we going to see companies like this dip into content creation? Discussing the evolution of production and studios through AV.

The European Union has launched an antitrust probe into Microsoft’s bundling of Teams with their Office software. The matter was brought up after a complaint from Slack that Microsoft had an unfair advantage by bundling the two together. Back in 2008 Microsoft had been accused of a similar dominant market position for web browsers in the form of Internet Explorer. What does this mean for Teams’ continued dominance in the collaboration space?

Tim had the chance to head down to Tampa to see Just Add Power’s new headquarters firsthand. One of the main things that Ed Qualls focused on was the idea of sustainability in their systems. Just Add Power designs their systems to never go obsolete, continuing to be innovated through firmware. How important is sustainability for clients and customers?

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