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AVWeek Episode 108: Burnt Retinas

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Host: Tim Albright Founder  Guests:

Heather Sidorowitz from Southtown Audio Visual, Bernie Kattner of Nimbus Integration Group, and George Tucker from World Stage.

Record Date: 9/13/2013

 Phillips Smart TV has a Cloud component. We talk about ambient light displays. Net Neutrality comes up as Verizon and the FCC face off. We also cover analog sound and Disney research into sound devices that travel through your earlobes. Plus, Sony has 4K downloads starting at $8. Running Time: 52:15

Topics Covered:

Phillips Smart TV: 3:00

Ambient Light: 16:00

Sony’s 4K downloads: 21:00

Net Neutrality: 28:00

Microphone that transmits through your ear: 37:00

Cassettes and Analog sound: 44:00

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