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AVWeek Episode 196: I Don’t Know

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LG has a new OLED display at 1 mm thick. We talk about moving beyond the need for connectors. Apple has scraped plans for the Apple Display. IPv4 is running out. Plus, the FCC has upped the requirements for broadband.

Host: Tim Albright

Guests: John Greene of Advanced AV, Clint Hoffman from Kramer US, and Ernie Beck of Cenero.

Record Date: 5/22/2015

Running Time: 1:03:51


Thanks to our Underwriters for their support. If you like what we do, thank them too.

Kramer Electronics


Middle Atlantic



Innovad, Innovations and Design


LG’s Super Thin OLED display

FCC redefines “Broadband”

Apple drops the “Apple Display” idea

We are running out of IPv4 addresses


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