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EDTech 104: The Milk Club

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Our editor isn’t against the thought of a “Milk Club” just because they have lactose issues, it’s because we’re not here for mere milk! It’s time to look at the higher education space and how it intersects with AV. Joining us this month is Assistant Director of Multimedia Services for Drexel University Rob Rasberry, Director of AV Services for the University of Arkansas Ernie Bailey, Director of Client Services for Bates College Scott Tiner, and the Media Technology Coordinator for Wentworth Institute of Technology Johanna Pierson.

At the time of this recording, Integrated Systems Europe 2023 was in full swing. And not only did AVNation have their own full coverage of the show, so did many organizations like HETMA. There was no place safe from the grasp of higher education specialists like Joe Way! We discuss the impact of the show and what it means for the higher education space.

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Sony has released a pair of PTZ cameras utilizing AI-based analytics. AI for cameras is not quite new, they are usually used to frame a speaker and even split the screen in the event of multiple speakers to give those remote attendees a more lived-in experience. Does Sony have a lead in this race by virtue of… Being Sony? We discuss the use of PTZ cameras and their advantages in the classroom, with a little side chat about whether or not this is actually “artificial intelligence”.

Finally, we discuss Esports and the AV side of things with a new guide for AV technology managers. Esports has become bigger than ever, with recently developer Capcom putting up $2 million overall for their Capcom Cup  X championship in the wake of their upcoming title Street Fighter 6. Many campuses are going from having a gaming space to dedicated rooms for Esports. We look at the impact of video games on these spaces and where they are headed moving forward.

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