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EdTech 75: The Wow of InfoComm

Can’t Stop The Signal

Tim takes the helm for this episode of EdTech, and of course we can’t escape talking about the biggest trade show for the AV industry in the US, InfoComm. Ernie and Rob discuss their most interesting finds on the show floor and the state of the show as a whole.

As we move towards a networked world, expanding signal range for AV distribution becomes a challenge for tech managers across campuses and higher education. How integrators and educators can boost the signal.

In addition to video games expanding, professional sports leagues are gaining traction. Games like Dota and League of Legends gain over fifty million viewers during tournaments. Even the fighting game tournament EVO garnered 10,000 entrants in various fighting games and filled Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas with viewers and attendees. As we’re even seeing scholarships for gaming competitively, should colleges get involved and design rooms for gaming? How can intergrators work with schools to create the right experience?

Video available below.

Host: Tim Albright



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Bill O’Donnell hosts one of the longest running AVNation podcasts, EDTech. This podcast is for audiovisual tech managers, by higher education tech managers. The monthly podcast gathers education audiovisual veterans to discuss the news that impacts them, their campuses, and the commercial integrators that serve them and their institutions. Each month our panel of guests provides their perspective on new products and the news in the audiovisual industry and how those stories concern technology in education.

O’Donnell has been in the audiovisual industry for over 15 years. His experience has taken him from his New Jersey home to the middle east and back again. He has worked for global AV dealers, multi-national defense contractors, and higher education institutions. Bill leads a band of tech managers who have made the transition analog to digital over the last thirty years. He is also heavily involved in the comic book industry volunteering at comic shows across the United States and the globe. O’Donnell is an amateur glass blower.
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