Saturday, April 20, 2024
YOU ARE AT:EDTech 85: Crossoverpalooza!

EDTech 85: Crossoverpalooza!

Crisis On Infinite Campuses

This episode has been in the books for a long time coming. Finally, we get to sit down and chat with Joe Way, Director of Learning Environments at the University of Southern California. He is also the host of his very own show, the Higher Ed AV Podcast, which as the title describes covers the higher education space just like ours. It’s only fitting that we have a two-parter crosstravangza on our show and his discussing the latest things surrounding the higher education space. And what a time to being having a conversation. We’ll be discussing COVID-19, and what it has done to affect facets of school structure including online courses, budgets, campus projects and more.

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Bill O’Donnell hosts one of the longest running AVNation podcasts, EDTech. This podcast is for audiovisual tech managers, by higher education tech managers. The monthly podcast gathers education audiovisual veterans to discuss the news that impacts them, their campuses, and the commercial integrators that serve them and their institutions. Each month our panel of guests provides their perspective on new products and the news in the audiovisual industry and how those stories concern technology in education.

O’Donnell has been in the audiovisual industry for over 15 years. His experience has taken him from his New Jersey home to the middle east and back again. He has worked for global AV dealers, multi-national defense contractors, and higher education institutions. Bill leads a band of tech managers who have made the transition analog to digital over the last thirty years. He is also heavily involved in the comic book industry volunteering at comic shows across the United States and the globe. O’Donnell is an amateur glass blower.