Tuesday, July 16, 2024
YOU ARE AT:EDTech 86: Covid Updates & Virtual Commencement

EDTech 86: Covid Updates & Virtual Commencement

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Hats Off To You

Some would say that this is the time that we’ve had enough of school, since summer is right around the corner. But since there hasn’t been physcial school, time is becoming a tad less comprehensible. To keep your wits (as well as ours, to be honest) we’ve got some experts working for their respective campuses to look at the latest of what’s going on in the Higher Education space, and how it connects with AV. Joining Bill O’Donnell today are the usual suspects. From the University of Arkansas, Director of Audiovisual Services Ernie Bailey, Assistant Director of Multimedia Services for Drexel University Rob Rasberry, and Director of Client Services for Bates College Scott Tiner.

Considering that it is the time where many colleges are ending for their semester, the topic of graduation and commencement is bound to come up. But because of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools are still locked up tight. How are we handling graduation ceremonies, then? Asking the guys what their school is doing, and how the AV side of things can help the process along. Moving along, we discuss the road to normalcy, considering how COVID-19 has affected not just the Higher Education space, but the entire workforce. There’s been new innovations like touchless interfaces and temperature sensing tablet screens. But is it enough? Are we really ready to start heading back? Looking at where things stand on campus.  

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