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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
YOU ARE AT:IT AV 40: In This Together

IT AV 40: In This Together

Counting On The Watchdogs

Even if we are social distancing, we can still find the time to bring some experts to discuss the latest news that brings together the IT and AV side of the industry.

Zoom’s iOS app was found to be sending data to Facebook, even for users that did not have a connected Facebook account. Whoops. Even though this bug has been fixed, looking at what data we might be giving out when certain apps are used and what integrators should be aware of.

Looking at what technologies we should be focused on as social distancing becomes more widespread. What technicians can do to connect each other in these time.


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In 2002 the InfoComm show announced that IT and AV were converging. Today, those two worlds have converged on a variety of levels; both technologically and economically. Out of this coming together AVNation created the IT AV podcast.

This monthly podcast is hosted by AVNation founder, Tim Albright. He gathers the brightest minds that cross the line between IT and AV. The stories that are covered by IT AV are ones that impact both the audiovisual industry as well as the IT networks on which they live. Those topics include security, AVoIP (audiovisual signals over IP networks), service based programs, remote access and monitoring, as well as network best practices.

Tim Albright hosts this monthly program. Albright is the founder and president of AVNation Media. He has taught InfoComm classes on AV over IP, control programming, and emerging technologies. He also hosts a number of other AVNation media

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