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IT Factor 52: Hacking The Human

Hoodies, Masks, Laptops

The rumblings of a return have proved to be true. The IT Factor is back, and Frank Padikkala is here to look at the intersection between IT and AV.

In the world of AV and IT, cybersecurity is a constant challenge. IT managers need to be vigilant and constantly wary of potential threats to their networks, be it for their clients’ information or services to continue running. But part of the conversation shouldn’t be on the technical side, but rather the human element. Is the image of a hacker the reclusive shadowed figure, hiding under lines of code or is it something a bit more pedestrian? We talk to Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Temple University Aunshul Rege about the link between cybersecurity and social engineering, and the tactics that real life hackers use to break systems.

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