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MHO 14: Surface Sidelined

The New England Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick took exception to a Microsoft Surface Sideline failure. We explore the risks in using streaming technology for critical moments.

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  1. Hey Mike at 07:28, “An organization like the New England Patriots should have somebody specialized to actually look into this specific stream that is happening…” I’d like to point out an important distinction here. One of the biggest problems is how the Microsoft Surface sponsorship deal is setup directly with the NFL, not with the team. This problem is not limited to the Patriots organization, there are reports of other teams having similar problems on the side lines. I read that the NFL comes in every week before the game and sets up the Surface and after the game the NFL packs up their Surface gear. This means that individual teams cannot practice during the week with the actual game day tech. The problem could be part tech failure part lack of training & familiarity.

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