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ResiWeek 223: Blame The Technology

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How Does It Feel To Be Back

We’re up bright and early to bring you the latest news in the residential side of the AV industry. Not just because news never sleeps, or because we’re just so excited to gab all about it, but mostly to make up for the massive time zone discrepancies across our wealth of guests. Joining us today are Marketing Director for AVPro Edge Tom Devine, Senior Editor for CE Pro Bob Archer, and Business Development Manager for BlueLite Concept Bruno Napoli as we get into what’s making the residential space go round.

Starting off with a quick nod to Steve Durkee, who was recently named the new President for Legrand AV. Having been previously the Senior Vice President & General Manager of Commercial AV, he has been appointed to this new position by Legrand North & Central CEO John Selldorff.

Crestron has announced that they are coming back to CEDIA Expo 2020. This is following a five-year hiatus from the trade show, having previously held their own events in lieu of showing up to CEDIA. Now they are returning with a focus on Crestron Home, bringing the products showcased at their booth from Integrated Systems Europe 2020. Of course, this all still has a chance to fold over considering the impact that COVID-19 has had on the impact of every major trade show even outside of our industry for the first six months. Is September still too early for trade shows? Looking at what is means for the channel for Crestron to come back.

Next, we look at 5 System Design Criteria to Criteria for a Successful Takeover penned by friend of the show Todd Anthony Puma. Inside he outlines process of looking over a design with your client, taking the steps to find a middle ground and then delivering on exactly that is promised. We discuss working with clients and how to make a takeover without stepping on any toes of the previous integrators’ work, and how to deal with unexpected complications behind the walls.

This ever so cleverly leads into our next discussion about Bruno’s own piece concerning Smart Homes and the potential environmental danger they possess. Since technology is constantly updating, what happens to the multitude of solutions and products that get tossed to the wayside when new technology springs up? Is there a long-term effect that we might not see until it’s too late? Finding the balance between disposable technology and solutions that are made to last.

Host: Matt Scott


  • AVNation studios production equipment provided by Shure and Vaddio.
  • Crestron’s booth at ISE 2020 was covered by our very own Matt Scott, available here.
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