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ResiWeek 248: Lost In The Numbers

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Matt’s back! And also his front, his face, and all the other bits of him. But we’re not here just for Matt… Hopefully. We’re here to look at the latest news coming out of the residential side of the AV industry. With us in this endeavor is CEO & “Boss Lady” of Integration Controls, Senior VP of Education & Training for CEDIA Samantha Ventura and Founder & CEO of Access Networks Hagai Feiner.

Samsung has been named as the technology provider for Mercedes-Benz smart home functions within their automotive line starting 2021. The internet of things has made a huge wave in the home, and this is just another step in that integrated lifestyle. What does this mean for integrators? does this pave the way (pun intended) for manufacturers to collaborate with the automotive industry? Looking at what this means for the future of integration.

The Home Technology Association makes the case for the consequences of bad acoustics within the home. As most of us have been locked up in our home spaces for more than usual, these details are starting to become more clear. So how can integrators help consumers find these problem areas or assist in mitigating the issues outright? Discussing the design of the home and using audio in the home for personal wellness.

Host: Matt Scott
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