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ResiWeek 266: AV To Environmental

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I’m That Guy

I don’t want to set the world on fire, I’d much rather talk to you about the latest news coming out of the residential space, and this week is a doozy! Thankfully here to help us is Crestron’s Vice President of Residential John Clancy, Executive Editor for Residential Tech Today Jeremy Glowacki, Managing Partner for bluesalve Avi Rosenthal and “Senior Nerd” at Backstage AV Mosey Levy.

Crestron has just announced a new line of in-wall, in-ceiling and landscape speakers. They are being developed in a partnership with Origin Acoustics, and we just so happen to have someone from Crestron to talk all about it. We discuss how this partnership came to fruition, and what this series will mean for the audio space in residential.

Next, we take a look at a piece by friend of the show Henry Clifford concerning long-term business strategies and preparing for the future. As last year has shown, not everything can be predicted but what can businesses do to ensure they are not caught off-guard? Using what we have seen in the past to make a roadmap for the future and be able to react proactively to new situations in the future.

Speaking of futureproofing in a matter of speaking, Taiwan exits their typhoon season without a single storm. While this may sound like good news, it actually means there is a considerable drought which causes issues in water reservations. Said water is used to help produce many chips for devices. We just covered last week the chip shortage circumstances brought on by COVID-19 and their effects, and this is another part of that. Before we start playing R.E.M. and investing in Vault-Tec, what should integrators be doing to prepare for this shortage? How can we effectively communicate to our consumers of these issues? Taking a look at this situation and what it means not just for our industry, but many like it.

Host: Matt Scott
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