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ResiWeek 267: Does It Work?

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The Region For The Season

There’s only so many episodes we can have before there actually might be nothing clever to say at the start. This might be it! But we’re not entirely to make jokes usually at Matt’s expense, we are covering the residential side of the AV industry for the week with the latest news and stories. Joining us today is Executive Director for Powerhouse Alliance Dennis Holzer, Owner of LiveWire & Co-Founder of Parasol Henry Clifford and Founder & President of Thoughtful Integrations (as well as possible cyborg) Joe Whitaker.

On an interesting starting note, Integrated Systems Europe has announced that they are changing the Barcelona show and expanding it not just to that city, but three others across Europe for the month of June. ISE Live & Online is set for Munich, Amsterdam, London and Barcelona throughout the month. Tim recently sat down with Managing Director Mike Blackman for more information, and now we’re asking the integrators their opinions. Is this is a good change? What does this mean for the industry, and could we possibly see other shows branch out in this regional fashion?

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The Powerhouse Alliance recently put forth a white paper reflecting on the state of the CI Channel in 2020 and what it might hold in store for this year. And what a coincidence to have the Executive Director, apropos of seemingly nothing. We get his view on where the industry is headed and ask the rest of our panel what integrators should be looking out for in 2021.

AVIXA’s Sean Wargo, also co-host of our own AV Insights podcast shed some light on market research surrounding the smart building space. The term resimercial comes to mind as we wonder if integrators could get into this market. Should they? Discussing that ever eroding gap between the residential and commercial spaces.

Host: Matt Scott
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  • Joe’s microphone had some noticeable troubles until halfway through where we asked him to switch. Apologies upfront.  
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