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ResiWeek 269: Revolutionary Versus Evolutionary

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A Light Shining In The Darkness

If only we could be as grossly incandescent as Brawner this week. But what we want to soak up is not the sun, but the latest news coming out of the residential side of the AV industry. With us to do just that as mentioned is Owner of Pro Audio Georgia Steven Brawner, Senior Content Officer for CE Pro Jason Knott and Senior Global Director of Training for Atlona Ken Eagle.

ProSource is bringing the lighting brand AiSPiRE to their Lighting Technology and Learning Center in Dallas. It will feature a number of solutions and systems to inspire their members. Since Matt is quite the lighting fan, we will be staying on this topic for more than a minute. What is the value of not just this addition, but an entire space dedicated to lighting? What’s the significance of ProSource working in conjunction with AiSPiRE and by association, WAC Lighting? Taking a look at what this means for lighting design and how integrators will use this to innovate in that space.

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Speaking of lighting, we take a look at a recent Q&A with DMF Lighting National Sales Director Mike Libman and Jason Knott of CE Pro about modular LED lighting. Here we have a different approach to lighting than our last story, although both have their advantages. What’s the boon of smaller companies like DMF Lighting making solutions specific to the CI Channel? How can we properly express the power that lighting can hold in a consumer’s home?

Studios in the movie industry have released their plans going forward in a post-pandemic world. Warner Brothers and Disney both have plans for simultaneous releases for both theatrical and streaming for many of their titles to at least the end of the summer. This is good news for the integration side, as home theaters continue to have a horse in the race. But the question that remains on everyone’s mind is, will the commercial side get back on its feet? Now that we have had the taste of same day releases, will many people go for that experience again? 

Host: Matt Scott
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