ResiWeek 270: Value Yourself

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Florida Man Hates Vinyl

What we’ve learned this week is that if the whole AV thing doesn’t pan out, we have plenty of content by taking a deep dive into Matt’s vinyl collection. But for now, let’s stick with what we know, and that is the latest news coming out of the residential side of the AV industry. Joining us this week is CEO & Chief Strategist for KMB Communications Katye McGregor-Bennett, Software Development Manager for BlackWire Designs Seth Johnson and Area Sales Manager for SnapAV Katharine Wheeler.

First we look at ways that integrators can ensure they are being properly valued for their experience. How can integrators establish their credibility in the field for the client and set proper expectations for the value of their work? Looking at how integrators can properly value themselves and their businesses for the work they do.

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SnapAV has once again made an acquisition, this time gaining HCA Distributing in Denver and Salt Lake City. This move reinforces their commitment to expanding local distribution networks throughout the country. And we just happen to have someone from SnapAV here! We ask Katharine (as well as our other guests) about what this acquisition means for both companies moving forward.

Finally, we get to talk about vinyl. No longer just for audiophiles and burgeoning hipsters, vinyl has exploded in popularity. Since this is a kind of hobby that requires a good sound system, it sounds like a perfect fit for our space. But is it really right for every integrator? Considering the potential chances and drawbacks for integrators looking to get into this niche market.

Host: Matt Scott
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